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  1. Dry Cleaning
    Dry cleaning, the process itself: Dry cleaning uses fluids to remove soils and stains from fabrics. Among the advantages of dry cleaning is its ability to dissolve grease and oils in a way that water cannot. Natural fibers such as wools and silks dry clean beautifully, but can shrink, distort, and lose color when washed in water. Dry cleaning helps to return garments to a "like-new" condition!
  2. Alterations
    Alterations is the art of adjusting a garment for your specific needs — be it length, size or shape. Corporate Cleaners has a team of highly skilled seamstresses that are trained in all aspects of clothing construction, design, and finishing techniques. In addition, we have over 1,000 thread colors and the industrial equipment required to complete your alterations to the original manufacture look.
  3. Laundry Service
    Laundry: We as dry cleaning professionals also have commercial laundry departments where we process shirts, cotton pants, towels and other items. With the convenience and superior level of pressing that comes with commercial laundry, it won't just be your dry clean-only clothes that look like a million bucks. Your business casual and casual attire will look their best, too.
  4. Stain Removal
    Stain removal: We use complex procedures and special stain removal chemicals to remove stains. Stains are divided into two major categories: solvent-soluble stains and water-soluble stains. Different stains require different treatments, which stain removal technicians are trained to administer.